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Eternium accounts | Mage 813 champion lvl. 10к+ gems. 10кк+ gold. 85 glory. 1000+ cosmetic points. Details of the equipment in the description.

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  • The Eternium account is registered at, email is included. 
  • Mage 813 champion LVL.
  • Stats and equipment of the character:
  • All skills are 10 LVL. 
  • 10к+ gems. 10кк+ gold. 85 glory.
  • 4300+ cosmetic points. Opened the effects of the aura: frozen, storm, lightning. Opened several skins for each part of the outfit. 
  • Craft level 29. Unlocked: Grand Magister's Command, Elemental Lord's Regalia set, Charm of Qol and Talisman of Storms, Frostfire Sash azure carnival cape. Lots of resources for crafting. 

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